About Ketamine

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is an FDA-approved anesthetic and pain reliever used worldwide for decades. Research over the past two decades, led by some of the world’s finest medical institutions, has shown ketamine’s potential as a breakthrough treatment for mood disorders and mental health conditions, as well as chronic pain.

Some doctors — such as Thomas Insel, former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health — are calling ketamine the biggest breakthrough in depression treatment in decades.

Is Ketamine Safe?

Ketamine, as a medication, is very safe. When administered at a safe dose by medical professionals like our staff here at The Care Clinic, it is effective with little to no side effects. Compared to SSRIs or other antidepressant medications, ketamine is also very effective at treating depression and other mood disorders. Studies indicate up to 75% of patients find relief with a series of ketamine infusions.

The History of Ketamine

Ketamine was first approved by the FDA in 1970. Since then, ketamine has been used extensively for pediatric and adult treatment in surgery, emergency departments, ambulances, trauma medicine, and more. The World Health Organization lists ketamine as an essential medicine due to its therapeutic effects and wide margin of safety.

Over the last two decades, Yale University and the National Institutes of Health identified additional benefits of ketamine in treating mood disorders and chronic pain.

A Picture of a Neuron

The neuron found in this image shows new dendritic formations, or new neural growth, within just 2 hours of receiving ketamine. Ketamine’s effect on the human brain – how it interacts with the medial prefrontal cortex and hippocampus regarding chronic pain, for instance – is open to debate. We know that ketamine has reduced some of the symptoms associated with mental disorders like anxiety and depression.
neuron close up by Care Clinic Infusions in Fairfax, VA
brain scan charts on monitors by Care Clinic Infusions in Fairfax, VA

A CT Scan of a Human Brain

After ketamine treatments, the depressed brain is almost identical to the non-depressed picture as new neural activity has awakened the depressed areas. The amygdala, the part of the brain that handles fear and emotion, may benefit from ketamine infusion therapy. That part of the brain is also vital to dealing with mood disorders.

Is Ketamine Treatment the Right Solution for You?

Are you ready to take back control of your life? Are you tired of trying one medication after the other only to be left with those same symptoms? Then ketamine infusions might be an excellent option for you.

Our expert providers can help you find relief from these symptoms. Contact us at The Care Clinic today to get started.

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