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Born from a pledge to transform mental health and pain management, Care Clinic Infusions is devoted to providing cutting-edge therapies, with a special focus on ketamine infusions, to adults aged 18 years and older grappling with such challenges. Our mission is to pioneer a new age of treatment, where innovation meets care, and every patient finds relief.

Our inspiration to establish a practice that embraces evidence-based medicine and innovative treatments stems from our deep understanding and recognition of each individual’s unique needs. We are dedicated to treating the ‘whole patient’ through our team of highly skilled and empathetic professionals, aiming to significantly enhance mental health and pain management outcomes nationwide.

Over time, Care Clinic Infusions has evolved into a comprehensive outpatient practice, renowned for its quality and pioneering approach. Our multidisciplinary team of seasoned professionals provide a diverse array of specialized services, with a key focus on ketamine infusions and other innovative mental health and pain management therapies, all tailored to meet the individual needs of our patients.

We warmly welcome you to our practice as we continue to lead the way in innovative mental health care and pain management, making a lasting difference in the lives of our patients.

Our Mission

Revitalizing Lives, One Infusion at a Time: Pioneering the Medical Frontier with Innovative Therapies for Mood and Pain Disorders

We envision a future where mental health and pain disorders are not just managed, but mastered. Through our groundbreaking ketamine infusion treatments, we aim to restore hope, enhance health, and redefine the boundaries of medical excellence

Medical Team

Dr. Siddharth Arora

Triple Board-Certified Physician
Pain Management, Psychiatry, Addiction

Dr. Arora has an extensive background in Adult Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, and Interventional Pain Medicine. His medical education began at Midwestern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Downers Grove, Illinois. He then went on to complete his Psychiatry Residency training at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, where he focused on the treatment of addiction and chronic pain, before pursuing an Interventional Pain Medicine fellowship from Nova Southeastern University/Larkin Hospital in South Miami, Florida.

Dr. Arora has also completed a Master of Science degree in Human Anatomy from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, and a visiting fellowship in Neuromodulation (including ECT, TMS, and tDCS) from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

Dr. Arora’s diverse experience makes him especially well-versed in the myriad of complex patient presentations and novel therapeutic treatment options available today.

Dr. Arora also likes to remain active in academia with several publications and speaking engagements.

Stephanie Davila

Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Stephanie is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of experience as a nurse. She spent the first part of her nursing career in maternal and infant health and later in acute care nursing. She also obtained her paramedic certification and an associate degree in emergency medical services technology.

She firmly believes that every individual is unique and brings their strengths to the process of helping themselves. She knows the journey to mental health is not the same for everyone and looks forward to being able to do her part in helping patients achieve their goals.

She is a Virginia native and lives with her family and many animals! She enjoys gardening, a new love for yoga, and beach vacations with her family, kids, and grandkids.

Dr. Jessen Mukalel

Anesthesiology & Pain Consultant

Dr. Jessen Mukalel is not your typical pain management doctor. He has a unique style crafted based on relationships he has built with his patients and their needs, as well as his own challenges as a pain patient himself. He advocates for opioid-free pain management by utilizing reversible diagnostic injections to identify pain generators and predict the success of therapeutic interventional procedures.

He began training in Hungary, Europe, and finished in the Netherlands Antilles Islands in 2006. He started with surgical training and converted to specializing in Anesthesia in Chicago, Illinois. From there, he completed his acute pain management and regional anesthesia fellowship in Pittsburgh and continued as a fellowship director in the same field at the University of Texas. Eventually, Dr. Mukalel owned his own practice in Tampa, Florida, and eventually to where he is currently, The Woodlands, Texas: Pain MD Houston.


Chris Gioielli


I am a licensed psychologist offering psychological assessments and individual psychotherapy to adults. I have extensive experience and education in the fields of psychology and spirituality.

My area of specialty is treating patients who have experienced abuse, trauma, and pain connected to their religious and spiritual backgrounds. I work with pastors, missionaries, and seminary students, but also those who identify within the LGBTQ+ community, the evangelical community, and those who no longer practice a form of faith due to the painful experiences they’ve encountered.

I also work with patients experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, relational conflict, emotional detachment, and general mental health concerns.

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Dave DuBois

Integration Coach

You will likely have insights if you are in therapy, practicing meditation, or exploring your inner world with psychedelic medicine. Insights are great! They help clarify thinking about your life. But it’s one thing to have insights, and it’s quite another to embody them. To change your behaviors, to change your patterns, to break out of the cycles that keep you dissatisfied, you need to identify, engage, and practice new ways of being.

I am a meditation teacher, psychedelic guide, and integration coach. In the thirty years I have supported folks, I’ve learned that profound insights and experiences may be great, but integration work is crucial to fostering lasting transformation.

My work draws heavily on Buddhist psychology, Buddhist meditation, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and contemporary research on the science of human flourishing to help achieve change that lasts.

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