Ketamine Troche

The Ketamine Troche

What To Know About This New Affordable Ketamine Treatment

Can Ketamine Really Be Taken Orally?

Ketamine is an anesthetic and pain reliever that has been used globally for decades. It has gained attention in recent years for its potential as a treatment for mood disorders, mental health conditions, and chronic pain.

Thomas Insel, former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, has even referred to ketamine as the biggest breakthrough depression treatment in decades.

Though many clinics, including ours, offer ketamine through intravenous therapy, another route of administration is gaining prominence: the ketamine troche.

What Are Ketamine Troches?

Troches are small lozenges designed to dissolve once they’re in the mouth. At Care Clinic Infusions, we offer ketamine troches for the treatment of mood disorders, pain conditions, and addiction.

Troches are a type of medication delivery vehicle that is placed under the tongue or on the side of the cheek. They are used to treat a variety of conditions, and their active ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream, avoiding degradation by the stomach and liver during the first pass of metabolism.

Ketamine Troches Vs. Infusions

Although dosage and duration may differ, ketamine troches – which are taken orally – can provide the same therapeutic effects when administered by medical professionals like our providers here at Care Clinic Infusions.

For some patients, the benefits of ketamine troches make it a preferred option rather than infusion therapy.

Is Ketamine Treatment the Right Solution for You?

Are you ready to take back control of your life? Are you tired of trying one medication after the other only to be left with those same symptoms? Then ketamine infusions might be an excellent option for you.

Our expert providers can help you find relief from these symptoms. Contact us at The Care Clinic today to get started.

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